"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream!"  - C.S.Lewis

just how did i get here???


The first creative experience i can remember was in Louisiana (where i grew up); i was creating furniture from match boxes for imaginary people in an imaginary house built in the roots of a huge, moss-draped live oak tree!  i think i was about 5!  i didn't realize it then, but that was the beginning of a life filled with the spirit of creativity.

               my sisters & i  (i'm the oldest!)

               my sisters & i  (i'm the oldest!)

i was blessed to be raised by a very devoted & unbelievably creative, single mom, who constantly encouraged my 3 sisters & me to 'use our imaginations' to create the things we wanted, but didn't have & couldn't afford! That's where the creativity came in - if we didn't have what was needed, we devised or improvised until our 'prototype' was acceptable; & that pertained to EVERYTHING - from the food we ate - to the things we played with & the clothes we wore!!  

i, now, realize that all of those years of creativity & re-visioning, coupled with my search for God's will, have led me to this place in my life & to the formation of b.twixt Jewelry.  My mission for b.twixt has also become clear - to create unique jewelry from a combination of materials, including re-claimed & re-purposed finds, and even more importantly, to inspire & motivate the wearer in a quiet, personal way!   

i expect that b.twixt and i will continue to change, to grow & evolve, but at this very moment in time, i am:      

  • a 60-somethiing, mid-western farm girl who serves an AWESOME GOD
  • the wife of a cattleman/businessman & mom of 2 grown cowboys
  • a grandmom to one adorable cowgirl
  • an artist who is passionate about creating inspirational one-of-a-kind items

... and NOW, i am very happy to report ...

 "i  know what i want to be when i grow up!"                                                              

                                                                       Thanks for visiting - ENJOY!   Donna