a sampling of the past work of b.twixt Jewelry

b.twixt Copper-Wear

Combine a pile of discarded copper wire & roof flashing, re-purposed objects, beads & an inspirational word or 2 and you have a unique piece of b.twixt Copper-wear!  

b.twixt Siver Whisper

Whisper (hwis-per) - verb -  to speak softly & privately and that is exactly what a b.twixt Whisper is! Whispers are pendants or charms created from re-claimed silver & when complete are 99.9% pure silver.  Just add a name or monogram...or maybe a meaningful word or a special symbol & you have a customized b.twixt Whisper; a whisper of a thought just for YOU!

b.twixt Molten-wear

Re-purposed copper or brass, flux & lots of solder, a beaded dangle & a favorite name or phrase; add a dash of whismy & you have a personalized fun & funky piece of b.twixt Molten-wear


b.twixt Jewelry - NFR stlye

b.twixt Jewelry was very blessed to be able to create personalized jewelry for several National Finals Rodeo Contestants & their families for the last couple of years!!


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